boat_pic.jpg All About Sailing - NCSSM Mini Term 2010


  • Tony Botros
  • Brittany Davis
  • Brooke McKenna
  • Hinson Neville
  • Tricia Seitzer
  • Sara Shariff
  • Callie Turlington
  • Emmie Corl (Supervisor)

During Miniterm, we learned more about the art of sailing. For four days, we traveled to Oriental, NC and took classes with the Oriental School of Sailing. During this class, we learned the basics of navigation and left the class able to, as a group, man a 24-foot sailboat. After returning to campus, we examined the history of the sailboat. We looked at navigation and noted how it has changed from when stars were used to guide the sailor’s paths to today where global positioning satellites are used. We also examined the physics behind sailing - the forces that power the sailboat. Our findings are carefully documented in this website.